Covid-19 Newsletter April 2020

Covid-19 Lockdown 2020

Shining Stars Parents,

This has been a frustrating and scary time for all of us.
Our President has put extreme measures in place to prevent to virus from spreading and to ensure the safety of all of us.

During this unsettling time, we have missed our Shining Stars children tremendously and I had hoped that we were all back at school a long time ago already. Please keep *Safe*.

I’d like to thank all my loyal parents for payments received, this will help lift a heavy burden as I don’t have the heart to not pay my loyal staff.

Please take note of the following. March school holidays were partly during lockdown, we were supposed to resume classes on 31 March before the lockdown was announced and then extended.
We “lost” 2 school days during lockdown in March (the rest was school holiday)
We “will lose” 19 school days during lockdown in April (exl Easter weekend/freedom day)
We resume school after workers day i.e: 4 May.
Our June/July holidays are 11 June-7 July (i.e: 19 days)
So if our President cancels our June/July holidays we regain 19 school days
which will even out.
So although it might feel that paying school fees for no school time is not fair, it will all be made up. I urge you please to honour your school fee commitment.
If at any stage lockdown is extended after 4 May (hopefully not), of course we will look at ways to discount or credit parents.

Your Shining Loyalty is highly appreciated.

Shining regards
Ms Cielle Schutte
Owner / Principal

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