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Open reviews about Shining Stars Pre School

We have developed a program that is child-centered and promotes the growth and development of the child with age-appropriate activities. Our program focuses on helping children develop the necessary skills that will prepare them for school.  Each child is stimulated to reach his/her full potential and excel in every area of their character.

At Shining Stars Preschool our standards are very high and the language development is excellent.  The children here will learn through exploration, discovery, hands-on activities and play.

At Shining Stars Preschool security is a high priority and the safety of your child is of our utmost concern, always ensuring that your child is safe. Your child will play in wide open spaces, filled with a variety of colourful playground equipment.

Shining Stars Preschool is Christian based and all teachers and staff are passionate about what they do and have a heart for children.


At Shining Stars Preschool, we have 4 classes.

Our youngest class (Little Stars) caters for children from the age of 2 turning 3 in the year.

The next class is Little Stars (Green Stars) and this class caters for children that are 3 years old, turning 4 in the year.

Then we have Shining Stars (Yellow Stars), this is a pre-grade 0/R class so the children are 4 years old turning 5 in the year.

Our oldest group is Shining Stars (Purple Stars), this is our Grade 0 or otherwise known as Grade R year. All children in this class are 5 years old and turn 6 in the year.

All classes have a set curriculum which is age-appropriately set out in accordance with the Grade 0/R curriculum. Each class has a mid-year, June Report and an end of the year, December Report which gives parents an excellent indication of the progress of their child.

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