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Dear Parents

Welcome back to all our parents and children….and welcome to all our new Shining*Stars!! We trust that 2017 will be a wonderful year for you and your child as we journey through the year with you.

Shining Stars teachers and assistants are here to not only teach and guide your child but also to ensure that the learning and school experience is a fun and enjoyable one. Please feel free to discuss anything regarding your child or school with your child’s teacher or the principal at any time.

As you are aware, School Fees are payable in advance. All fees are payable by no later than the 5th of every month. January fees R1600 should already be paid and February fees are due before the 5th of February. A late payment fee of R 200will be charged for any late payments, regardless of paying 2 months together at a later date. Your school fees are your responsibility and calls, sms’, reminder letters etc ,if you are owing anything, will be at your cost. Please honour your commitment by paying on time. Government employees are welcome to come in and arrange to pay fees on the 15th , which must be given in writing.

School hours are 7am – 5pm in summer and 7:15 – 5pm in winter. Half-day children must be collected before 1 pm, all other children must be collected by 5pm.

Please be considerate of other parents when dropping or collecting your child with regard to parking infront of the school. All parents are usually in a hurry, so please take as little parking space as possible and make every effort not to park anyone in. Our teachers and assistants are there to help the flow of traffic in the mornings, but cannot collect 15 children arriving at the same time. Please look out for any child walking across the parking area to get into school.

It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child is collected on time, whether by you or by transport arranged by you. Please make an effort to be on time. Besides it being unfair to keep staff after hours and it being a security risk for everyone waiting, it places an enormous burden on all staff who have worked a long hard day and still have to take public transport home to attend to their family’s needs. In the event of a child being collected late, the following will apply: A minimum late collection fee of R200 will be charged. Cost of phone calls for children who are collected late will be added to the late collection fee. Calls will be charged atR20 per call. Collecting your child late more than twice will result in your child forfeiting his/her place to a child wanting place on our waiting-list.

Formal teaching starts at 8:30am. Please ensure that your child is not late as he/she misses out on instruction time and tends to be insecure walking into a class where all children are already busy and not knowing what to do. Arriving late also disrupts the Grade Zero class’ work time as it is the 1st class you enter as you arrive at school.

All extra activities i.e.: Swimming, Playball and Computer lessons are termly payments and payment must be made, together with the form completed, before your child has his/her 1st lesson. Please avoid your child being embarrassed by being turned away from a lesson due to non-payment. If you are unable to pay the full amount at the start of lessons, half of the term’s amount can be paid before lessons start and the balance to be paid with the next school fees payment.

Please mark all your child’s clothing! It will help the confusion as children play, leaving their clothes lying around. Please notify the office as soon as something goes missing.

Every week your child will be learning an important theme at school. All his/her work during the week will be kept, stapled together and sent home on Fridays. This will give you a clear indication of what your child has learnt at school. Please chat to your child, casually, about his/her pictures to encourage and re-enforce what has been taught at school.

Cielle Schutte and Staff

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